for your first visit

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At Village Pediatric Dental, we believe in lasting, long term relationships with our patients. We start by providing a uniquely calm enjoyable experience for you and your children, from the second you walk in, to our pre-treatment Care Room.

We gladly welcome parents to accompany their child in the treatment area. It is comforting to see how well your child does for his and her appointments. It is important to remember that your child needs to develop a relationship with his or her dentist and so the best role for the parent most of the time is to be an observer. If siblings come along, it is easier if they can play in the reception area.

We want your child to have positive dental experiences. We've created a warm and playful environment so come in before your first visit to say hello and take a tour.

Dr. Morgan is truly changing the way dental care is delivered to our children. Every aspect of my two-year-old’s first dental experience exceeded my expectations.
— Tammy G. 5-Star Facebook Review

Dental Emergencies 

Dr. Morgan can be easily reached for emergencies; please call the office at 978-263-2226. Examples of emergencies are: Trauma, tooth ache, infection, infant tongue-tie and some mouth sores. In case of an avulsed tooth (when the entire tooth with root comes out), please call immediately, place tooth back in socket, in Hanks solution or milk.