Our Policies

We know these aren’t fun but they are necessary. Below are the policies of Village Pediatric Dental. These are in place to protect the health and ensure the well being of everyone under our care. By booking an appointment with Village Pediatric Dental, you are agreeing to our office policies.

If you have any questions about our policies below, please contact us.



Village Pediatric Dental is committed to providing a safe and healing environment for its patients. We see many very young children and those who are immunocompromised. Due to the danger of exposure to transmissible diseases from non-immunized persons, we have a policy in place requiring that patients of Village Pediatric Dental be up to date on all immunizations.

Due to the importance of vaccinations to public health protection and the concern we have for the health of our young and immunocompromised patients as well as our employees’ and their families’ health, we CANNOT see patients who are not up to date with their vaccinations.



Each appointment time is reserved so that we can give your child the best dental care possible. We ask that if you need to change the appointment to give us 24 hours notice. This ensures that we can accommodate patients who are waiting to come in sooner. 

We are understanding and know that things out of our control keep us from always making appointments on time, especially where children are involved. We will work with you to make appointments that best fit your needs. However, after two missed appointments without 24 hours notice, there will be a charge to your account.

For new patients, it is very helpful if you arrive 10 minutes early so that you have adequate time to fill out the new patient paper work.



We work to have a collaborative relationship with families and to respect different opinions parents may have regarding fluoride. However, for patients with dental disease, it is not enough to treat the teeth with fillings alone. It is important that a fluoride prevention program be put in place and we will work with you to make the necessary changes to your child’s prevention routine to include fluoride.


parent observations

When children are getting fillings, we understand that some parents may want to observe. It is important for parents to remain quiet observers so that the attention remains on the child and so that the child remains focused on the dentist who is providing the treatment. If a younger sibling is present, we ask that parents stay in reception with them.



As a courtesy, we submit insurance claims on your behalf to your insurance company. We will make every effort to determine your benefits but despite these efforts, we are only able to give you an estimate and not a guarantee of payment by insurance. Unlike medical insurance, dental insurance was designed to reduce the cost of dental care, not to completely cover it. You are responsible for providing us with accurate information and for payment of your portion of costs.